“‘He is out of his mind.'”

Immediately after appointing the apostles, Jesus comes home with them (Mk 3:20-21).  Jesus’ relatives, noting His immense popularity, wanted to take Him away, saying: “He is out of his mind.”  But why did Jesus draw such big crowds?  Certainly the miracles, but more so because He preached the truth with authority, as we read earlier in Mark (1:22).  We must not be afraid to speak with the authority of the Church Jesus established.  It is not unusual to hear a conversion or reversion story of someone who had been leading a worldly lifestyle who was suddenly shunned or considered crazy because of a new fervor for Christ.  Are we concerned that speaking about the gospel, getting involved with our church, and otherwise changing our behavior for the better will put us in a bad light with some, even those very close to us?  Jesus was not afraid to lose everyone close to Him (cf. Jn 6:67) for the sake of the truth.  Following His example, we too must never shy away from the truth, but always proclaiming it with love.


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