“As many as touched [the tassel on his cloak] were healed.”

The weekday readings continue today as we jump ahead to the end of Mark 6 (53-56 — skipped were the feeding of the five thousand and Jesus walking on water [vv. 34-52]).  Getting off the boat in Genessaret, Jesus and His disciples, with Jesus fame preceding Him, are immediately descended upon by those bringing the sick that He might heal them.  And Jesus healed them all.  The power of faith.  We have even more of an advantage.  We do not have to settle for touching Jesus’ clothing.  We have the opportunity to receive Him fully in Holy Communion.  What great healing of all types can be ours if we receive in faith and thus are open to the infinite graces available in this sacrament “par excellence” (Pope Benedict XVI, Homily delivered by satellite for the closing of the forty-ninth International Eucharistic Congress in Quebec, June 22, 2008).  Take advantage of it as often as possible.


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