“At the judgment the men of Nineveh will arise with this generation and condemn it.”

Luke (11:29-32) records for us Jesus speaking to an ever-growing crowd after He just exorcised a demon.  He speaks of the people of His time as an “evil generation” seeking a sign, but the only sign they are to receive is the “sign of Jonah,” who in their day is Jesus (v. 29).  With the preaching of Jonah, Nineveh repented, and those people will rise to condemn Jesus’ generation.  And ours too, likely more harshly, unless we repent.  In a time when general moral decay in society is beyond what most people could have imagined even fifty or sixty years ago, it is tempting to say “To hell with them all!”  But we are called to lift up our culture, first by reforming our own lives, being a shining example of Christianity to everyone we encounter.  Repentance starts with us, but our call for repentance must extend to all of society.  This begins with prayer.  Fasting, which led the Lord to hold off His wrath against Nineveh (cf. Jonah 3:1-10), is also an example for us of a powerful means of penance.  But of course we must also get involved.  Study the hot button moral issues of our time and be prepared to defend the Church’s teaching on these matters.  Inform family and friends.  Write to elected officials and submit comments to magazines, newspapers, and influential websites.  Be a strong defender of the Faith, always in love, but firmly and without compromise.  Let us strive to be modern-day Jonahs, and thus modern-day Christs.

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