“I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me will never hunger, and whoever believes in me will never thirst.”

Today we pick up with the next six verses in John 6 (vv. 30-35).  The crowd asks for a sign from Jesus, reminding Him of the manna their ancestors were given.  Jesus replies that the true bread from heaven comes from the Father.  When the people ask for this bread always, He replies with the sentence at top.  It is interesting, is it not, that the same folks who were part of the miraculous multiplication of loaves and fish just a few hours earlier ask Jesus for a sign in order that they may believe in Him.  They bring up the manna in the desert, perhaps hoping that they will be getting free food in perpetuity.  But Jesus, patiently, changes their focus to a vertical dimension.  The manna did come down from heaven miraculously, per God (not Moses), but it was still perishable food and their ancestors all died (in fact only two of the original persons freed from Egypt even lived to enter the Promised Land).  Jesus, as the long-awaited Messiah (He associates Himself with the bread come down from the Father in heaven), promises eternal satiation for those who come to Him and believe in Him.  The lesson for all times is that our primary concern should not be for things of the earth but consideration of our heavenly goal and how we are to attain it.  Then, with a pure and total trust in God, we will get what we need in this life, and life eternal besides (cf. Mt 6:33).   As we will see shortly, Jesus does offer to us, in a very real way, Food for our journey.

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