“Master, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.”

The profound Bread of Life discourse ends today with the last verses of John 6 (vv. 60-69).  Now its the disciples themselves who are having a hard time with Jesus’ words regarding the necessity of eating His flesh and drinking His blood.  Jesus does not back down though, and many disciples leave Him to go back to their former lives.  When Jesus turns to His closest collaborators, the Twelve, and asks them if they also wish to leave, Simon Peter speaks up for them with the words at top.  Some have commented that Peter’s initial question almost indicates that he is looking for a suggestion from the Lord since they don’t understand Him either.  But he quickly follows up with an affirmation of belief.  Peter knows, as should we, that no other person or thing will ultimately satisfy the interior longing for God put there by God Himself.  We may not always comprehend perfectly everything about our Faith (although we should be serious life long learners) and we certainly don’t always understand why certain things happen to us (and we may never know in this life), but we can be sure that Jesus, the good shepherd (see tomorrow), never leads His flock astray.  So stay close to the Lord, trusting in Him fully, listening to His words, and continuing the struggle to follow them perfectly, so that we may have the hope of attaining eternal life with the “Holy One of God” (v. 69).

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