“[T]he Holy Spirit […] will teach you everything and remind you of all that I told you.”

Today we skip forward a few verses from Saturday’s reading to look at Jn 14:21-26.  Jesus tells the apostles that the true measure of love of Him is the keeping of His commandments which come from the Father.  Only in this way will Jesus reveal Himself to us.  Jesus closes with the words above to hearten the remaining eleven apostles (Judas had already left to start the betrayal in motion) that they will come to recall all His teachings so that they could keep them and pass them on.  We are truly fortunate that this guarantee of the Holy Spirit was given to the first bishops of the Church in that upper room.  When we speak of the Church as holy and apostolic, we trace that back to the Last Supper.  These men were granted the charism of infallibility through the Holy Spirit as it relates to matters of doctrine that Christ taught.  The Eleven (and later Matthias whose feast we celebrate in a few days) faithfully handed those teachings down to their successors who did likewise, and so on, through the centuries until the present day.  Someone once said, “It’s such a relief, such a freedom, to be in a church that one doesn’t have to create for oneself.  It’s there.  It’s given.”  We are the beneficiaries of this fact.  There is no need to wonder where the truth lies.  It is in the Church that Truth established and with which He promised to be always (cf. Mt 28:20).  We, too, should ask for an outpouring of the Spirit on ourselves so we are better able to understand the Lord’s teachings, as safeguarded by His Church, and to follow them perfectly.  An important thought to keep with us, especially as we anticipate Pentecost, which marks the end of the Easter season, in less that two weeks.

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