“So then the Lord Jesus, after he spoke to them, was taken up into heaven.”

For the feast of the Ascension of the Lord, we go back to the last verses of Mark (Mk 16:15-20).  In this passage Jesus gives His disciples the Great Commission: spread the Gospel throughout the world.  Believers must be baptized and then they will do wondrous things; those who persist in unbelief will be condemned.  It goes on to say that the disciples did then go out after the Ascension to spread the word with the Lord’s help and accompanying signs.  Jesus’ ascension into heaven should serve as a reminder of where our hope lies.  We long for the day when we too will be welcomed into the arms of the Father in soul, and then later reunited with our bodies at the end of time.  But we also must take heed of Jesus’  last words: those who don’t believe will be condemned.  As has been mentioned before in these posts, belief comes from hearing the Gospel (we must become familiar with the Word) and following it with an ever greater desire to do so perfectly.  It’s not simply calling out “Lord, Lord!” but obeying His teaching (Mt 7:21).  Let us resolve to ever more conscientiously pray, listen, learn, and act in precise accordance with God’s will for us.

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