“What concern is it of yours? You follow me.”

Yesterday’s dialogue between Jesus and Peter concludes today (Jn 21:20-25), as does John’s gospel.  Here Peter asks Jesus what is to become of the young man who eventually authored this very gospel.  Jesus replies with “What if I want him to remain until I come?” followed by the words at top (v. 22).  Obviously a source of confusion for some readers since John has to say that Jesus did not mean that he would never die (although he did live to a ripe old age — possibly into his 90’s).  John closes by declaring himself the author of the gospel and that there is much more that he could have said about Jesus but “I do not think the whole world would contain the books that would be written” (v. 25).  Returning again to yesterday’s theme, Jesus has to immediately repeat His exclamation that Peter should follow Him.  Why?  Because Peter, in an instant, takes his eye off of the ball.  By being so concerned about unnecessary matters, especially about what God has in mind for others, Jesus, an expert at reading hearts, must admonish Peter and help him regain his focus.  Let us never be so distracted or unduly concerned with matters either unimportant or best left to the Lord, that we stray off the path, impede our work on God’s behalf, or delay us from reaching our goals (i.e., God’s will for us and our missionary work for Him) on earth and our ultimate goal, heaven.  And if Jesus must let us know as well, and in no uncertain terms, that we have done the same as Peter, then thank Him and praise Him for the mercy of such correction.  As we celebrate Pentecost tomorrow, let us be mindful of the Holy Spirit and constantly ask for His wisdom and guidance.

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