“Blessed are you who believed that what was spoken to you by the Lord would be fulfilled.”

We are blessed this day to celebrate the Mary’s visit to Elizabeth after Mary’s fiat to Gabriel.  Luke (1:39-56) is the only sacred author to record this meeting.  He tells us of Mary going in haste to Zechariah’s house in Judah to see his wife (Mary’s cousin) who, Mary was informed, is with child.  Elizabeth blesses Mary (“the mother of my Lord”) on her approach as Elizabeth’s baby (John the Baptist) leaps in her womb.  She closes with the words at top.  Mary follows with the beautiful and heartfelt Magnificat prayer.  In closing we learn that Mary stayed with Elizabeth for three months before returning home.  Elizabeth’s final words hopefully can be applied to each one of us as well.  With the Blessed Mother (and why do so many shy away from such a title when Mary herself says “all generations will call me blessed”?), we should have complete confidence that God is faithful to His Word.  Most of us will never have the extraordinary experience of an angelic visitation, and no one again will experience a virgin birth, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot hear the voice of the Lord and experience His power in our lives.  Sacred Scripture is the Word of God and speaks to each person the words he needs to hear in his current state.  This is an important reason that repeated reading of the Bible throughout one’s life continuously provides help, guidance, and new insight.  We also hear God through the unwritten Tradition of the Church passed on from the apostles.  All of this is safeguarded by the teaching authority of the Church which faithfully transmits this teaching to her flock.  Faithfulness to Christ’s Church and openness to the promptings of the Holy Spirit facilitated by prayer, penance, fasting, reform, and love makes God’s Word real and efficacious to us today and everyday.  How will the Lord’s word be fulfilled in our lives?

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