“The great crowd heard this with delight.”

Today’s short gospel (Mk 12:35-37) follows up immediately on Jesus’ discussion with the scribe.  Remember that after that interaction no one asked Jesus any more questions.  So, Jesus then poses a question about David calling his descendent “Lord” (Ps 110) even though the scribes say the Messiah will be the son of David.  Clearly the Messiah, although a descendent of David, is greater than David in that He is also the Son of God.  The line at top concludes the passage.  Maybe the people’s “delight” was due to what Jesus mentions in Mt 20:25: “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and the great ones make their authority over them felt” — Jesus publicly puts the scribes in their place.  We, too, should hear Christ with joy.  Not necessarily for reasons such as these, but because He has “the words of eternal life” — to who else can we go? (Jn 6:68)  We should attend Mass often to hear Scripture in its exalted and most properly proclaimed setting.  Reading, meditating upon, and studying the Word must be our regular and frequent practice.  The teaching of the Bible has to become part of who we are to the core of our being so that we reflect the light of Christ in our lives and move others to want to have that same enlightenment.

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