“As you have believed, let it be done for you.”

Moving into chapter eight of Matthew (Mt 8:5-17), Jesus has just come down off of the mountain after delivering the lengthy Sermon on the Mount and healing a leper.  At Capernaum he is approached by a Roman centurion who is appealing to Jesus to cure his servant.  Jesus is willing to go to his place to cure the boy.  The centurion humbles himself by saying he is not worthy to have Jesus come to His house, but recognizing Jesus as a man in authority — as the centurion himself is in authority over others — he knows Jesus can simply declare the healing done and it will be done.  Jesus is “amazed” at this level of faith and lets everyone around know that it is greater than any He has yet encountered.  He then tells the centurion the words at top and the servant is healed at that moment.  Jesus goes on to heal Peter’s mother-in-law of fever and later in the day cures and exorcises many more.  Our challenge is to approach the faith of the centurion.  We must unhesitatingly believe that Jesus will do for us whatever is best for us.  By conforming ourselves to God’s ordained and permissive will, nothing that happens to us will counter our wills.  So it will be done for us because of our belief.  Augustine’s advice, recalling the greatest commandment and its close second (Mt 22:37), helps us attain this disposition: “Love, and do what you will.”

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