“Teacher, I will follow you wherever you go.”

Continuing in Matthew yesterday (Mt 8:18-22) we came across a couple of men, the first a scribe, the second a disciple, who express a desire to follow Jesus.  This is an opportunity for Jesus to let those around Him know what radical true discipleship can require (“nowhere to rest”) and what it entails (“follow me” from this moment forward).  The comment at top was made by the scribe.  When we can say those words with complete openness and sincerity, especially in light of Jesus’ words here and in what His closest collaborators and future followers endured for His sake, we have greatly advanced in discipleship.  Consider the first word: “Teacher.”  It is appropriate we capitalize this word when referring to Jesus.  He is the true Teacher, we all must strive to be His model students.  When Jesus speaks, we are obliged to listen.  But we must be in the classroom first.  Jesus speaks to us through divine revelation in Scripture and Tradition, safeguarded by His Body, the Church’s, teaching office.  Certainly we must get to church for Sunday obligation, but also attend, or at least watch Mass on TV, more often if possible.  In addition, let us make a habit of reading the Bible daily.  We must familiarize ourselves with Church teaching, ideally starting with the Catechism, but also challenging ourselves with other good works.  And of course, this all must be supported by conversation with God, that is, prayer.  Through prayer, sacraments, and study we increase in our ability to follow Jesus as we come to better and better understand what His will is for us and, thus, where He is leading us.

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