“News of this spread throughout all that land.”

Yesterday we heard Matthew’s version of two miraculous events effected by Our Lord (Mt 9:18-26 — we heard Mark’s version [Mk 5:21-43] on Sunday of last week).  First an official implores Jesus to return his daughter to life by laying His hands on her.  On the way, a woman with a chronic hemorrhage touches Jesus garment in the hopes of being healed.  She is cured and Jesus addresses her saving faith.  Arriving at the official’s house, Jesus has a crowd of mourners removed and revives the girl.  The last thing we hear are the words above.  The healing of the woman was news enough, but raising a dead person to life?  This is a rare occurrence, even in the Bible (thrice in the Old Testament, five times in the New, three of those by Jesus).  No wonder news spread so quickly!  What we need to do is have that same excitement.  We may never experience or witness an objectively miraculous healing and it is unlikely that we will see someone brought back to life miraculously.  But we have the Good News.  We know what the Lord has done in our lives — why would we not shout it from the rooftops?  What about the healing power of Confession?  Those dead in mortal sin can be brought to glorious new life.  Those steeped in sin and vice are able to start anew.  The love that has been poured out to us to overflowing we must share (cf. 1 Tim 1:14).  We must get to the point where we have to share it (cf. Jer 20:9).  Let us reflect often on our blessings and always be ready and willing to share that joy with others.

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