“My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord.”

For the celebration of the Feast of the Assumption, we are blessed to hear the story of the visitation of Mary to Elizabeth (Lk 1:39-56).  After the Annunciation, Mary sets out quickly to visit her cousin Elizabeth, who the angel informed Mary, is with child.  Elizabeth, filled with the Holy Spirit, declares how blessed Mary and her child are because Mary believed.  Mary then launches into the Magnificat (starting with the words at top) directing all praise to God.  The passage closes mentioning that Mary stayed for three months before returning home.  Mary, in perfect humility, deflects any hint of praise for her by immediately glorifying God in a most beautiful way.  Mary addresses the Father, with the Son in her womb, and the Holy Spirit inspiring both her and her cousin.  This explicit presence of the family of the Trinity at this joyous event “magnifies” the greatness of the Lord by Its example of love in itself and through the humility of the Son who became man for us.  It is worth keeping in mind often these first words of the Magnificat, especially when making the sign of the cross, so that this action has no chance of losing its impact on us, but rather strengthening us against temptation.  Then we will better imitate Mary whose soul had no room for sin because of this sentiment and thus allowed her to enter heaven unblemished at the end of her time here on earth.

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