“He was moved with pity.”

Leaving Capernaum, Jesus and His followers go to Nain (Lk 7:11-17).  Before even entering the city He encounters the funeral procession of the only son of a widow.  Pitying her and then comforting her he stops the mourners.  Touching the coffin he tells the dead man to rise — which he does.  Fear seizes the observers followed by glorifying God.  Word spreads quickly of Jesus.  Jesus’ pity is not saved for just this woman or for the several other episodes in the gospels where Jesus expresses this emotion.  It also comes to all of us who suffer grievous loss.  But Jesus is also there to comfort us and maybe even to raise us up from a deep sadness or depression or from wallowing in sin.  Conversation with God in prayer is a saving grace, even when (or especially when) we don’t seem to get anything from it.  Our Father, knowing best, will provide for us in due time.  If consolations are gone and the silent treatment from God seems to be the rule of the day, week, month or year, remember that faith and trust are not exercised in the good times, but rather in the bad.  And when, inevitably, we see the good that comes from our challenge, like the witnesses of today’s final reading, we too will hopefully “spread the report” of the powerful way God acts in us and through us.

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