“There is no duplicity in him.”

Yesterday’s gospel passage (Jn 1:47-51) for the Feast of the Archangels was chosen because it has Jesus speaking of angels.  It is the call of the apostle Nathanael.  Jesus exclaims the headline to Nathanael as he approaches.  Nathanael asks how Jesus knows him and Jesus tells him that He saw him under a fig tree earlier.  This causes Nathanael to cry out a confession of faith in Jesus as Son of God and King of Israel.  Jesus tells Nathanael that he will see greater things, like the angels ascending and descending on Jesus.  There are various speculations as to why Nathanael answered the way he did to Jesus’ telling him of seeing him under the tree.  One that seems particularly appropriate is that he may have been pondering or dreaming about the coming of the Messiah.  Merriam-Webster defines duplicity as “contradictory doubleness of thought, speech, or action.”  Nathanael, being single-minded in belief and “a true child of Israel,” was focused on the fulfillment of the promise of a coming redeemer.  Undoubtedly he thought of this often, but maybe spoke of it little.  When Jesus recognizes and exposes this devotion to Nathanael, Nathanael’s eyes are opened to the realization of Jesus as that fulfillment.  May Jesus also be able to call us non-duplicitous due to the fact that we think of Him often, we are always aware of Jesus working in our lives and through others, and we follow Him with single-minded devotion.

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