“No one knows who the Son is except the Father, and who the Father is except the Son and anyone to whom the Son wishes to reveal him.”

The next scene in Luke (10:17-24) jumps immediately to the return of the seventy-two.  They rejoice in the fact they can exorcise demons, but Jesus tells them that what is important is that their names are written in heaven.  Jesus then speaks to the Father, rejoicing that these things have been hidden from the learned and revealed to the childlike.  He closes this prayer with the words at top.  Jesus closes The end of the passage has Jesus privately telling the disciples how blessed they are to be with Him, a desire that so many before them had had.  The headline provides important notice to us that it is only through the Son, Jesus, the Word that we have some idea of the inner workings of the Godhead.  We can know of the existence of God through reason, but His Trinitarian nature and His plan for salvation history comes through the divine revealer, the Word who was from the beginning, begotten not made.  In working to bring others to the Faith, it is important to realize who is active in the process: Jesus.  Cooperating with His will, being His instruments, we bring Jesus to others; it is He alone who converts hearts and makes Himself and His Father fully and truly known.  In all humility we must always be sure to acknowledge this and to thank God for His working in us.

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