“Lord, teach us to pray.”

Moving to the next chapter (Lk 11:1-4), Jesus’ disciples, after watching Him pray, asked Him to teach them to pray.  He provides them with a shorter form of the Lord’s Prayer found in Matthew (6:9-13).  It is okay for us to ask the Lord the same thing.  Then start out with the Our Father.  It comes directly from Jesus’ lips.  We should say it often (relatively easy to do) and then strive to live it (considerably harder).  Spontaneous prayer is good, and regular conversations with One with whom we should build a strong personal relationship is vital for our spiritual lives, but we should always return to the Lord’s Prayer.  This is true especially when we can’t find the words for whatever reason (spiritual dryness, pain of various kinds, countless distractions, great worries and fears, and so on).  We can joyfully fall back on this rote prayer that Jesus taught all of us, knowing that this effort, done sincerely, is pleasing to our Savior.

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