“There is nothing concealed that will not be revealed.”

Moving to the next chapter of Luke (12:1-7), Jesus begins His remarks to the pressing crowd with the words above.  In various ways He tells them that all these things they believe are being said and done in secret are known to God.  Thus, He tells them that they should be afraid, not about the death of the body but, about the eternal death of Gehenna.  Jesus ends with the uplifting note that God counts their worth as very high and that they need not be afraid.  We are wise to remember that we are never alone or working in secret.  God is everywhere.  He sees all.  He knows our hearts better than we do (Rom 8:27).  But God is not “Big Brother” watching over our shoulders waiting to catch us in sin so He can strike us down or accuse us when we die.  Rather He is there to help us in every trial, in every temptation, in every struggle.  If our mindfulness of this helps us to avoid sin — and it should — that is good.  But we know God is there to help us, to guide us, to love us.  We should speak with Him often, striving to make our whole lives — whether in word or action — a prayer that honors Him through the way we help, guide, and love others.  Then, in God’s eyes and our eyes — if not in the world’s eyes — we will never be concerned about anything that comes to light about us.

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