“She, from her poverty, has contributed all she had, her whole livelihood.”

Back to Mark (12:38-44), Jesus warns the crowd He is teaching about the scribes.  These men love the special greetings and honors they receive, Jesus says, yet they treat widows poorly — thus they will receive condemnation.  Going then to look at the treasury, Jesus calls His disciples over and has them observe persons contributing donations.  In particular He points out a poor widow who drops in next to nothing, but it is all that she has.  Jesus tells them that she has given more than all the others who have given out of their surplus.  While this is certainly a call to us to be as generous with our treasure (and time and talent), it also should bring to mind how much we are like the widow described in this gospel passage.  We have more earthly means than she does, but we are just as poor — poor sinners that is.  This serves as a reminder that all we have is a gift from God and He deserves it all back.  We are to contribute our “whole livelihood” as well.  If there is a part of us we reserve for ourselves that does not honor God (whether some worldly pleasure or comfortable vice), we are called to give that up.  It has been said that if God is not Lord of our whole lives he is not Lord at all.  How true!  We must desire with our whole beings to have Jesus point us out to the angels and saints, saying to them that we have contributed everything to Him.

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