“Lord, please let me see.”

A blind beggar on the roadside near Jericho finds out that Jesus is passing by and calls out to Him louder and louder (despite being told to be quiet by those around him) to have pity on him (Lk 18:35-43).   Jesus has him brought over and asks what the blind man wants of Him.  He asks to regain his sight and Jesus grants it because of his faith.  The man then begins to follow Jesus, glorifying God along with all who witnessed this miraculous event.  Focusing on the line at top, we, like the mendicant should be begging continuously for sight from God.  This is the correct disposition in relation to the Lord.  All true wisdom and insight comes from God.  As sinners, we all, in various degrees, are blind.  Recall the words of Jesus about removing the wooden beam from our eyes in order to make right judgments (Mt 7:4), or His admonition of the Pharisees as being blind even though they claim to see clearly (Jn 9:41), or His rebuke of those same Pharisees as blind guides (Mt 15:14 and 23:24) due to their sinful ways.  Sin and vice obscure or, worse, distort the truth.  As we pray and work to eliminate transgressions against God and neighbor reality comes more and more into focus.  This truth, manifesting itself in humility, allows us to recognize our actual status before God (everything we have and are comes from Him) and our proper relation to neighbor (love and service).  Let us be supplicants continuously before the Lord, asking for real (in)sight in this world and the next.

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