“All the people were hanging on his words.”

The gospel reading for yesterday (not read because of Thanksgiving) jumped a bit ahead in Luke to describe Jesus crying over Jerusalem as He approached it as He lamented its rejection of Him and its coming destruction.  Today finds Jesus entering Jerusalem and immediately driving out the sellers in the temple area because of their thievery (Lk 19:45-48).  Because His subsequent teaching there so captivated the people, the religious leaders could not fulfill their goal of having Him put to death.  Countless Christians the world over since the time of Christ would have loved to hear Jesus’ teaching from His own lips.  In this passage, the line at top tells the reader how compelling the was.  In fact, no instance comes to mind in which what Jesus says causes indifference.  Either His words are embraced, questioned, anger-inducing, or rejected.  But no one goes away the same after encountering the Lord.  Should we embrace every word?  Yes.  Is it okay to have questions regarding meaning or application?  Go to the Church, go to prayer, and, if possible, go to a spiritual director.  Does Christ present challenges?  Of course, but only to make us examine our lives so that we might draw closer to Him.  While Jesus may no longer be in our midst in the same way He was during His earthly life, His words are eternal and remain with us today and forever so that we might to hang on them, interiorize them, be changed by them, live them, and spread them.

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