“She, from her poverty, has offered her whole livelihood.”

The short passage that begins Luke 21 (vv. 1-4) finds Jesus observing those donating to the temple treasury.  He comments on a widow who drops in her last two coins, saying she gave the most of all because she gave out of her need, not her excess.  The line above closes out this exchange.  It is a lesson for us today.  Regardless of material wealth we are all poor because all we have comes from God.  So we owe Him nothing less than our “whole livelihood.”  In addition, the innate or developed talents we have may seem to be a pittance in the call to build up the Kingdom.  This may or may not be true (an honest personal assessment and the frank opinion of those we trust is needed here) but we are called to give these unmerited gifts away.  Is it success in our work that allows us to give generous financial gifts to our parish and other good causes?  Maybe a facility for handicrafts, fixing things, gardening, or other manual work is our contribution to church and neighbor.  Organizational ability, computer literacy, business acumen, or other professional skills may be just what the parish or charitable group needs.  Ability to teach others life skills, business etiquette, or job hunting tips can provide life-long benefits.  Or does zeal for the Faith lead us to develop classes, conferences, or talks supplemented by bringing others in through our networking ability?  Let us hold nothing back in using all our talents for the Lord’s work!

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