“They placed them at his feet, and he cured them.”

The scene is Jesus on a mountain near the Sea of Galilee (Mt 15:29-37).  Here He is found healing all who were brought to Him causing them to glorify God.  After three days of this Jesus expresses concern that the crowd has run out of food and will not be able to make it home due to their weakness from lack of sustenance.  The disciples find implicit in this observation a request to supply the food.  They ask Jesus how they could possibly feed such a crowd.  Jesus asks for an inventory of bread, but only seven loaves are left.  The disciples also offer that there are a few fish remaining.  Having the crowd recline, Jesus blesses and breaks the bread and has it distributed.  All ate until satisfied with seven baskets of leftovers remaining.  The image of being at the feet of Jesus brings to mind two dispositions we should always have: 1.) Humility before our God; 2.) Learners at the feet of the Master.  In the first instance, we, like those in the gospel passage, come before Jesus asking in all humility for healing, whether it be physical, spiritual, emotional, or psychological, with full faith and trust that He can do it and will do it in the way that is best for our immortal welfare.  It is hard to imagine that anyone who came to Jesus that day didn’t come away a different person for the experience; so we won’t either.  In the second disposition, we come to Jesus with open minds and hearts to the embodiment of truth — the apprentice in rapt attention.  Through Word and Sacrament we come to know the Lord in a deep, personal, and abiding way.  Let us always come as humble students before the Lord.

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