“Then he called them.”

Ordinary Time began again yesterday, as it does every year, with a passage from Mark 1 (vv. 14-20).  After John the Baptist is arrested, Jesus comes to Galilee preaching the presence of the Kingdom and a gospel of repentance.  We are told then of Jesus’ calling of two pairs of fisherman brothers, Simon and Andrew along with James and John, who immediately drop everything to follow Him.  Just as Jesus called these men to come after Him, He calls each and every person of all times to do the same.  These first followers of Christ we call apostles.  But are we not to be apostles too?  The Greek word apostolos means “one who is sent off.”  We are asked by the Lord to be His messengers to the world.  Some in a special way through ordained or religious life, others are to remain single, and most in a marriage covenant.  But, whatever our state in life, and whatever our specific work, we are called to emulate Christ by living and proclaiming the gospel (with the first step, and often a major part, of proclaiming it being living it as perfectly as possibly at all times, in all of our interactions).  We are to remain open to His truth, living according to His commandment so that we are His light to the world (cf. Mt 5:14).

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