“You have kept the good wine until now.”

We are again blessed to hear the telling of Jesus first public miracle at the Wedding of Cana (Jn 2:1-11).  Jesus, His disciples, and His mother are all guests.  When Mary learns that the wine has run out, she tells Jesus.  After a brief interchange, she tells the servants to do what Jesus asks.  Jesus tells them to fill six large jars with water and then take some to the headwaiter for tasting.  The latter tells the bridegroom that this wine is the best yet served (see the passage at top).  And the disciples begin to believe in Jesus.  The “good wine” saved until well into the wedding feast is, of course, Jesus, who comes well into the courtship of God and His people Israel.  With two thousand years of hindsight we often wonder how the people of Jesus’ day “missed” Him, not recognizing Him as the fulfillment of prophecy, in fact the greatest of prophets (but so much more).  One can argue that point.  But what is our excuse with two millenia of reflection?  How well does the world reflect the truth of the Lord’s life and teaching?  Where is the unity He prayed for (cf. Jn 17:21)?  We can lament the state of things and point to all sorts of reasons why the current state of affairs exists.  But it is better for us to reflect on the four fingers turned back on us.  Reform starts at home.  Getting serious about eradicating sin and vice from our own lives will provide the clarity (cf. Mt 7:1-5) and charity (cf. Mk 12:31) we need to be God’s instruments to advance the Kingdom and change the world.

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