“And they ridiculed him.”

A miracle story within a miracle story is presented to us this day (Mk 5:21-43).  The plea of a synagogue official to come and cure his gravely ill daughter is interrupted on the way by a woman with a hemorrhage who just wishes to touch Jesus’ cloak in order to be cured of this affliction with which she has suffered for twelve years.  The woman is healed after Jesus calls her out for her faith.  Immediately after this it is reported the sick girl has died.  Jesus encourages them to have faith and they continue to the house.  Jesus tells the mourners the girl is simply asleep and He is ridiculed for it.  Kicking them out and bringing in the parents, Jesus tells the girl to arise and she does so to the astonishment of the onlookers.  Jesus asks them to keep this quiet and tells them to feed the girl.  If Jesus, who was widely known to be a great teacher and healer, was ridiculed (and still is today), why should we be surprised if we receive the same treatment for living our lives faithfully or sharing the Gospel forthrightly?  This can be a great trial for us, but also a tremendous way to grow in humility and trust.  If persecution for our faith stops at ridicule we get off easy.  That is not to say that we should go looking for trouble or purposely invite it for no reason; trouble seems to find its way to us without any assistance.  Rather, what we are called to do is to live radically the Good News, the Truth, of Jesus Christ.  Then, come what may, we will have peace.

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