“As they were leaving the boat, people immediately recognized him.”

The people are again in hot pursuit of Jesus as they bring many sick to Him immediately upon recognizing Him (Mk 6:53-56).  This happened in all of Jesus’ travels, with those who needed healing just desiring to touch His clothing — which unfailingly restored them to health.  Jesus took no pride in this widespread fame — no hint of haughtiness would ever be part of Him.  He was simply focused on proclaiming the Gospel and fulfilling His Father’s mission for Him.  He took this responsibility with utmost seriousness.  So must we.  It is well for us to be recognized for what we do for the Lord and the building up of His Kingdom.  But, like the Lord, this must never lead to pride or the temptation to take advantage of our status.  Rather, it is our responsibility to make our words and our actions correspond perfectly to God’s will for us, which, of course, is always in line with divine revelation.  We will fall short from time to time.  This need not be a discouragement to us.  Rather, it should spur us on to repentance through Confession with a firm purpose of amendment.  As we become more open to the graces of the sacraments we find that temptations to sin can be more easily resisted.  This helps us to stay on the narrow path (cf. Mt 7:13-14) and encourages others to follow that example.

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