“What are you willing to give me if I hand him over to you?”

Matthew’s chronicling of the events leading up to and including the Last Supper grace us today (Mt 26:14-25).  We hear of Judas conspiring with the chief priests to facilitate Jesus’ capture (see above for the beginning of negotiations).  On a later date the disciples talk with Jesus about a location for the Passover meal; Jesus provides instructions.  That same evening, at the meal, Jesus predicts His betrayal, and after all say “Surely it is not I,” Jesus explicitly points out Judas as the one.  Carrying over an important theme from yesterday, what is our price for handing Jesus over, of betraying Him?  What temptations are too strong, what vices are too ingrained, what is just too uncomfortable too stand up for, what is so challenging that compromise is required?  For what will we betray our Lord, our Faith, our Baptism?  The time is coming, and is already here, when Christians, and all people of good will, must get off of the fence regarding the great moral issues of our time.  Pay attention, get informed, know the issues, know the Faith.  Pray, study, and live the Faith.  May we be the defenders of our Lord and His Body the Church in a time when so many desert them or are willing to give them up so easily.  May we always stand firmly on the right side of (salvation) history.

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