“They were still incredulous for joy.”

Yesterday’s story continues as Jesus miraculously appears out of thin air to the disciples as the Emmaus Road pair are relaying their experience with the Lord (Lk 24:35-48).  They are “startled and terrified” but Jesus tries to reassure them that He is real by word and action (He encourages them to touch Him and He eats in front of them).  Finally, He reminds them of what He said and opens their minds to Scripture passages that prophesy His coming into the world, His suffering, death, and resurrection, and the subsequent evangelization that would be required.  Once the disciples got over their fear, they became “incredulous for joy.”  This is a good example for us.  What are the things that temper our joy in the Lord or prevent that bliss altogether?  Life brings troubles to everyone.  Maintaining happiness in the face of trials, tribulations, sorrows, and loss is not easy.  Yet we note the peace of great saints and holy people we may know who never let earthly concerns disturb them.  The key is an intimate relationship with the Lord.  A strong faith and trust in God, an unwavering hope in eternal beatitude, and love of Him and others as He commands are the virtues we must develop through prayer, the sacraments, and interactions.  Let us build up our relationship with God and neighbor so we too can maintain the joy of knowing that our Savior lives while letting others know about this Good News as well.

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