Lumen Fidei (The Light of Faith) key quotes

Here are key quotes I chose in each and every paragraph of the newest encyclical, Lumen Fidei.  I endeavored to keep it to one sentence per paragraph but sometimes context, fleshing out of a concept, or the presence of multiple important ideas required more extensive treatment.  Since some sections have multiple paragraphs, quotes from additional paragraphs are listed with small letter subheadings.  All chapter headings and subheadings from the original document are included.  The numbering matches the associated section in the encyclical.

I undertook this task as a way to study the document more closely, remember it better, and easily refer back to its highlights.  In addition, I hoped it would be a way for folks who might not want to dive into the complete text to get a flavor of it.  In so doing, I hope this will spur you on to read the complete work.

God bless you.  And, as always, Keep the Faith!

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