“I keep the LORD always before me…abounding joy in your presence.”

Deciding to spend a few minutes after Mass this morning in front of the tabernacle I thought I would open the Bible at random and read the chapter that my eyes first fell upon.  As is often reported, such an action can be surprisingly fruitful.  In my case, Psalm 16 was blessedly presented to me (parts of vv. 8 and 11, particularly applicable to my location at the time, are found above).

The psalmist is particularly hopeful here, knowing that his “destiny [is] secure” and that he “shall never be shaken” despite the concern for his safety he expresses in the opening words.  He relies on the Lord’s counsels and benefits from them.  He will not be abandoned because “You will show me the path to life.”

What a great encouragement to remember God’s presence in our lives!  This is put in no more stark relief than when in front of Jesus truly present in the Blessed Sacrament.  I have just found a great new prayer to say in adoration and great words to remember especially in times of worry.  I hope you have as well.

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