“[God] called to him, ‘Abraham!’ ‘Here I am,’ he replied.”

Today’s Old Testament reading (Gen 22:1b-19) continues our working through Abraham’s story in Genesis.  It is the very familiar episode of Abraham being asked to sacrifice his son with Sarah, Isaac.  Father, son, and two servants head for the mountain and arrive after three days’ journey.  Father and son go up the mountain with Isaac carrying the wood of the sacrifice.  Abraham builds the altar and, as he is about to kill his son, is stopped by an angel who reveals this to be a test.  Abraham sacrifices a ram instead.  Then God tells Abraham that his descendents will be many and a blessing to all nations.  Finally, the four go back home.

I love Abraham’s instantaneous reply to God at the beginning of this narrative (the subject line).  In fact, I think some other translations capture it even better: “Ready!”  Is this not how we should respond to the Lord?  No hesitation.  No challenging.  No rangling.  Just “Ready!”  “Here I am”!  What do you need from me?  How can I further your agenda for me?  How am I to best serve you and your children?

May we be so open to the Lord through prayer and the Word that we never miss His call and, once heard and understood, neither ignore nor defy it no matter how difficult it may seem.  For if it is from God, He will supply the necessary means to accomplish it.  We will find true happiness no other way.

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