“‘This great nation is truly a wise and intelligent people.’”

Once more we dip into Deuteronomy, this time near the beginning of the book (4:1, 5-9).  Moses addresses the people as their journey ends and they are about to enter the Promised Land.  He gives instructions regarding how they are to live so as to please God and enjoy prosperity.  They are to follow the statutes and decrees of the Lord which Moses is conveying to them.  They must never forget these things and must teach them to their children and grandchildren.

Can we as a people sincerely say the words in the headline to this post?  To the extent that we, as a nation, follow them, yes.  But how closely do we adhere to God’s law?  We read in the Declaration of Independence that we are endowed with certain rights by God.

Life has been under attack for decades with millions killed before or at birth.  But it doesn’t stop there.  More and more states are allowing killing due to illness now.  How do we teach our children and grandchildren when they are killed and their grandparents with them?

Liberty, religious liberty in particular, is under attack.  Changing cultural mores, political correctness, and pressure groups are strong influences on pliable politicians who would rather win popular approval (and not lose their jobs) than adhere to the Constitution they have sworn to uphold.  We must be allowed to live our faith in society.

The Pursuit of Happiness.  The Almighty wants us to be happy.  But authentic happiness comes only in following God’s will for us personally and in following Divine Law as a people collectively.  There is no enduring joy without living Gospel values.  Watch the news — how much happiness do we see?  Pursuits other than those permitted by our Creator, who by  virtue of His being our designer knows what is best for us, land us where we are today: a culture of anger, enmity, lust, and violence.  In a word, a culture of death.

Let us resist the tidal wave of sin and, by our thoughts, words, ad actions, build up the Kingdom of God so we can once and for all time be seen as a “wise and intelligent people.”


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