“But Moses implored the LORD, his God, saying, ‘Why, O LORD, should your wrath blaze up against your own people.'”

The first reading at Mass today is the familiar story of the apostasy of the Chosen People while Moses was receiving the Ten Commandments from God on Mt. Sinai (Ex 32:7-14).  Moses famously stands “in the breach,” beseeching Yahweh to remember His perpetual covenant with the people so as to stay His blazing wrath from wiping out every last one of them.

What immediately came to mind in hearing this event proclaimed again are the modern day Moses’s who stand in the breach for the world each and every day.  We look around at a swiftly decaying culture and we can be forgiven for wishing the Lord would just come down and take care of business.  But consider the constant prayers of those set aside to intercede for the world, particularly those who have devoted their lives to God in a special way in the cloister.  The Year of Consecrated Life, declared by the pope, just ended, but our gratitude and prayers to those who live that life enclosed should not.  Let us not forget these hidden ones the world over whose constant prayers, like beautifully fragrant incense, constantly waft heavenward on our behalf.  Imagine the state of our world without these women and men!

Thank you, Fathers, Mother, Brothers, Sisters!  Don’t stop praying, pleading, and interceding on our behalf.  May the good Lord continue to guide you, protect you, and bless you.  Amen

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