“Observe what is right, do what is just; for my salvation is about to come, my justice, about to be revealed.”

The reading from Isaiah (56:1-3a, 6-8) opens up with the powerful statement above.  Salvation comes to us in the person of Jesus.  As we prepare to celebrate His birthday in just over a week, we do well to remember that this innocent babe, born in humiliation to a poor couple, came for us.  He comes to save and to bring justice.  He is demanding.  This same Jesus is the one who goes on to say that we are to be perfect (cf. Mt 5:48), gives us new commandments (cf. Jn 13:34), and shows us the way by word and the example of His life (and death).

Christ Pantocrator

As we prepare to mark another Christmas, may it leave a permanent mark on us, one in which we appreciate more than ever what the Lord did for us and what He demands of us.  Let personal transformation in Christ, authentic conversion, be the preeminent resolution for each one of us this Christmas season.

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