“The boy shall be consecrated to God from the womb, until the day of his death.”

Since today’s first reading is a repeat of Sunday’s (see my last post), I thought I would dip into yesterday’s proclamation from Judges (13:2-7,24,25a) for today’s reflection.

This excerpt tells the story of Samson’s conception and birth to a barren woman.  The time of the judges was a challenging period in the history of the Chosen People, not only because of oppressors like the Philistines, but also because so many judges themselves were less than stellar representatives of God or the people.  Samson will have his own faults as well but ends up, in a famous scene, giving his life for a greater cause.

The act of consecrating a child to God in the womb is something every parent should do the moment a pregnancy is confirmed.  Simply ask the Lord to watch over and protect the little one all the days of his or her life (a suggested prayer).  Additionally, pray that the Lord’s will be done in the life of this miracle and that he or she may follow that will perfectly.  Moral crises and the shortage of religious vocations would end if this plan were followed to the letter.



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