“Who do you say that I am?”

(Submitted by me for today’s bulletin as a member of my parish’s Spiritual Life Committee.)

Who do you say that I am?

What an interesting question from Our Lord to His disciples.  They had been with him for some time already (this interaction comes well into Matthew’s Gospel — Mt 16:13-20) having seen many miracles, hearing many sermons, and witnessing many interactions.  And now Jesus feels compelled to ask them what they make of Him.  In response, He gets a smattering from the Twelve about what others are saying.  None is bold enough (or sure enough?) to answer for himself.  That is, until Peter speaks out with an authority given to him by God: You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.  This is the basis of the papacy; all Catholics should be able to point to Matthew 16:18 when challenged on this matter.  More immediately for the apostles, this ringing exclamation should help to prepare them for Jesus’ immediate prediction of His passion and death and, within a week, His Transfiguration.  As Jesus’ time grows short and challenges mount, His closest companions must have no doubt about their Master’s mission and who they are to look to for guidance when He completes that earthly mission.  Consider how and when you look to the Vicar of Christ for guidance.


Who do you say that I am?

 What an interesting question from Our Lord to each one of us.  It is worthwhile to consider this question often as your answer will likely change depending on your circumstances or disposition.  Do you think of Jesus as primarily your Friend these days?  Or maybe He is Teacher.  In a stressful or painful time He may be Comforter.  During and after recovery He can be seen as Healer.  When it’s decision time He should be looked to as Guide.  The question of who Jesus is to you is well worth contemplating and meditating upon often.  But whatever aspect is most prominent at any point in time, He must always be Lord of every aspect of our lives and beings.  And if there is a place where He is not, then Jesus is Challenger.  Consider today in what aspect of your life Jesus is challenging you most and then determine how you will take up that challenge.




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