“[T]hey hated their lives in this world, that they might possess them for eternity.” (IC 1,18,2) | “Keep my life, for I am devoted to you; save your servant who trusts in you.” (Ps 86:2)

Kempis tells us of the devotion that the holy fathers to their vocation and to their God for the sake of their salvation (1,18).  David also seeks salvation — for him it is salvation from his own fallenness and from his enemies (Psalm 86).

The fathers could certainly relate to David as we should be able to, as well.  That the fallen state of our nature makes it a challenge to do what is right and good should be obvious.  Knowing that our enemies are the world, the flesh, and devil, should bring us to the realization that we are to hate our lives in this world and that devotion to God is what is needed to save our lives for eternity.  With a full trust in God, the fathers strove to reject all that hindered them from full communion with the Lord.

All the faithful are bound to do the same, regardless of what walk of life we have chosen or been relegated to.  Anything in this life that  hinders devotion to God must be set aside so that eternal life is not placed in jeopardy.

King David Praying to The Most High. Book of Hours, Late France 🇫🇷 King David, Most High, Book Of Hours, History Facts, Brown Skin, Renaissance, Pray, Medieval, BibleKing David Praying to The Most High. Book of Hours, Late 1400’s France

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