“Those who attribute to God all the good they have received, do not seek glory from one another, but they want that glory which comes from God alone; and above all, they desire that God be praised in them and in all the Saints, and they always aim at this.” (IC 2,10,4) | “Shout joyfully to God, all the earth, sing praise to the glory of his name; proclaim his glorious praise. Say to God, ‘How tremendous are your deeds!'” (Ps 66:2-3a)

Elsewhere in this chapter (2,10), Kempis says: “Render to God the things that are God’s … ascribe to yourself only sin.”  That’s exactly right.  Always point toward heaven.  Move someone in the way of truth?  Don’t seek the compliment, but gratefully accept it when it comes and then attribute any good to the Lord.  If the Divine Author has used us as His little pencil we don’t deny the gift we just acknowledge its provenance.  In this we imitate the saints in their humility and gratitude.  And if we are tempted to blame God for our shortcomings … well, see Jas 1:13.

Psalm 66 is a joyful song (1-3a, 4-5, 6-7a).  One can just imagine the sacred author penning this with tremendous vigor after a long trial in which the Lord saw His people through.  It would be unsurprising if he loudly proclaimed it from his rooftop upon completion.  “How tremendous are your deeds!,” indeed.

How we endure and then emerge from of crises, global or personal, says much about our attitude and disposition toward Divine Providence.  God ordains some things but permits all things.  Do we see the Lord in the midst of trial and tribulation?  Do we give Him the glory, regardless?  Do we see the good that comes from these evils and do we contribute to the good?  Do we pray for the grace to not only persevere but to make a positive difference through difficulties?  My all-time favorite quote from a great nun sums it up:

“We are all called to be great saints, don’t miss the opportunity.” — Mother Angelica

Mother Angelica, Founder of Catholic Network EWTN, Dies at 92

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