“Son, let me do with you what I will; I know what is best for you.” (IC 3,17,1) | “Lord, if you wish, you can make me clean.” (Mt 8:2)

|The Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis, Book III Chapter XVII: ”We Should Place All Our Solicitude in God” (second entry)

The first sentence in this chapter has the Christ of Kempis imparting the words above to the disciple. An appropriate opening for a chapter dedicated to the idea that we need to place our cares in God’s hands. Trust in God and let Him guide the way.

|Today’s Gospel reading: Mt 8:1-4

Coming off the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus’ first action is to heal a leper who boldly asks to be rid of his debilitating death sentence of a disease. Jesus gives a touch and says the word and immediately the man is made clean. He is then instructed to show himself cleansed to the priest as was the usual way for healed lepers to be reintegrated into society.


The Lord does know what’s best for us. He desires to make us clean. Note that Jesus touched the leper in today’s Gospel. Aside from the possibility of contracting the disease, this act made a person ritually unclean. But contact with Jesus does not diminish Him, it raises up us. He lowers Himself to lift up the person sick in body or spirit. Now, whether or not Jesus wills any specific thing for us is not for us to debate. We are to let Him do with us what He wills for our own good and to advance His kingdom. With the right disposition, in which we open wide of the doors for Christ, we know we will find healing in spirit, even if not in the flesh..

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