“It is impossible to satisfy all.” (IC 3,36,1) | “[H]e satisfied the longing soul and filled the hungry soul with good things.” (Ps 107:9)

The Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis, Book III Chapter XXXVI: “Against Useless Judgments of Men” (first entry)

This brief chapter has Christ telling us that we should not be concerned about what others say about us, even if their words are meant to hurt or disparage us — we are to accept it with patience and humility. In fact, such an offender hurts himself more because he will be liable on judgment day.

|Today’s responsorial psalm: Ps 107:2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9

Psalm 107 begins by extolling God’s mercy and then goes on to provide many examples of how this benevolence has been extended to the Chosen People time and again, despite their unworthiness. It is a message for all time as we are all in need of God’s mercy.


The two quotes in the headline are a study in contrasts. The first refers to our relations with our fellow man — even the most irenic person will not fail to develop enemies. The second refers to God’s relation with mankind — only the Lord can ultimately satiate the thirst we have for the truth, beauty, and goodness that He embodies (so to speak).

We may not be able to satisfy every person with whom we have dealings, but we sure can, through word and deed, invite others at every opportunity to have their longings fulfilled by the only One who can effect it — here and hereafter. This will satisfy some, be ignored by others, and garner derision from those who do not like our message. But a sincere following of God’s will (the greatest commandment) should lead to evangelization and conversion (the second commandment that is like the first).

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