I am not worthy

(With apologies to Wayne and Garth.)

TODAY’S GOSPEL (Mt 8:5-17)

One of my favorite Gospel passages was proclaimed at today’s morning Mass. It is the very familiar episode of Jesus’ encounter with the centurion whose servant is very ill. I have written about this before (I encourage you to follow the links and watch the video).

Just one thing to add, that came to me upon hearing it this morning. That is, that I never before connected this passage with the verse that has been my tagline for many years now, Luke 17:10 (also, the inspiration for the name of this blog). Now, I’m quite certain that the centurion did not have the same sentiment as the Luke passage, but the Roman’s approach adds to our appreciation of unworthiness. None of us are worthy to have the Lord come to us (particularly in Holy Communion, immediately before which we now [since 2010] recite this soldier’s words verbatim save for one word). But with the Lord’s word, we become worthy. It is important to remember that it is God’s initiative, not ours, in providing us His Body and Blood.

This is why I cringe when those who don’t know better, or are simply careless, including Catholics, speak of “taking” Communion. No. We receive Communion as an undeserved gift of the Church, the Body of Christ. For those who are in the state of mortal sin, the word of the Lord must first come through the ministry of the ordained presbyterate in which we hear the priest pronounce the words of absolution, in persona Christi, after a good Confession.

Let this be a lesson and a reminder to us all as we prepare to approach the minister of Holy Communion. And for those politicians who believe they are entitled to receive the Eucharist, pay heed. (More on this soon.)

(For an interesting little Bible study, contrast this passage with this episode as relayed by Luke [7:1-10].)

One more past post, one of my favorites, regarding Jesus reaction to this man who approached Him.


I have enjoyed watching old episodes of Password (the original series) on YouTube. I watched a whole week’s worth from 1966 in one sitting, with Peter Lawford (an amazing player) and Barbara Eden (still going strong today just a few weeks shy of 90). A congenial host, great guests, fun banter, and a neat concept make for good watching.

Also, the Archive of American Television is an ongoing project capturing entertainers of many stripes speaking of their careers providing really cool stories and interesting insights, particularly into their past series and co-stars. It’s wonderful that they capture them later in life before they pass away, as a number of those interviewed already have.

YouTube is ruining me for TV.

The Mighty Miracles Of Jesus: Jesus Healed The Centurion's Servant | Osprey  Observer
Still from Franco Zeffirelli’s Jesus of Nazareth

God bless.

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