St. Dominic redux

Today we remember St. Dominic on the day that is normally celebrated as a Solemnity in his honor. But because it is a Sunday we do not this year. I know St. Dominic, in his humility, is happy to be supplanted by the “little Resurrection” that is our every Sunday celebration. I posted about him on August 6, the anniversary of his death, but his feast day has been moved around a bit because his heavenly birthday falls on the Feast of the Transfiguration (another event he is surely pleased to defer to). Just note this quote about the great Spanish saint from today’s National Catholic Register:

A contemporary of St. Dominic claimed, “I never knew a man so humble or who had more detachment from the things of the world. He received abuse, curses, or reproach not only patiently but with joy, as though they were precious gifts. No persecution troubled him. He went about serene and intrepid in the midst of dangers and never turned out of his way through fear.”

A good plan of life for anyone, wouldn’t you say?

I have read well over a dozen books on Dominic and Dominicana, and I could recommend many, but if you are interested here are two fantastic ones to begin with:

Santo Domingo de Guzmán (1670) by Claudio Coello

God bless.

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