The Immaculata and moms in need


Today’s Memorial of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary always follows the day after the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Just as it was particularly fitting that the Solemnity fall on a Friday, the day Jesus heart was pierced, so it is fitting that this special Marian feast fall on Mary’s special day, Saturday, in which her own pierced heart was united to her Son in His tomb. A good day to thank Our Lady for her provident care and intercession as we rejoice in life’s victorious battle yesterday. Let’s pray together here.

This prayer of gratitude honors many aspects of the Blessed Mother’s life. To ponder her life as portrayed in the Gospels, anticipated in the Old Testament, and what happened after her Dormition, check out this excellent comprehensive list of Scripture passages having to do with her. Another opportunity for a wonderful Bible study and contemplation.

Although it is an open theological question as to whether or not Mary died, I favor the idea that she would have given up her spirit just as her Son did. And like Him, she would have gotten it back in short order. It would not have been appropriate for that immaculate heart, so burning with love and compassion for us, would be stopped for long.


This is a time for great joy for all those who have bemoaned the federal legalization of abortion in our land and have worked, prayed, and donated to see it come to an end. Yet, the work continues in earnest. Certainly, at a state level, to make it illegal everywhere. But this will only come when hearts of stone become hearts of flesh and a Culture of Life, from conception until natural death, reigns supreme. We continue to work and pray for that.

Imperative, as well, is to even more earnestly demonstrably put the lie to the calumny that those in the pro-life cause care nothing about moms, children, and families once birth occurs. Prayer and fasting always, of course, as well as being a listening ear and an encouraging voice. But we must lobby even more strenuously for state assistance to crisis pregnancy centers, adoption programs, employment assistance, and other resources to assist the families that chose life, to live with dignity and the opportunity to have a full and fulfilling life. Any money that was going to Planned Parenthood and other despicable organizations must be transferred to entities that serve to build up families.

In addition, and in fact primarily, it is up to us individually to support this cause through volunteer efforts, donations of goods, and financial support. If you have not made it a regular practice to materially support pro-life causes, begin now! We Catholics must talk the talk AND walk the walk. This is true accompaniment.

Mary Consoles Eve

God bless.


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