Advent Day 5: Peace or Picking up the Pieces?

From today’s first reading (Is 26:1-6):

let in a nation that is just,
        one that keeps faith.
    A nation of firm purpose you keep in peace;
        in peace, for its trust in you.
the lofty city he brings down;
    He tumbles it to the ground,
        levels it with the dust.

Is 26:2-3, 5

Is it any wonder there is no peace in the United States and in much of the world? With so much injustice and so little faith and trust in God, how can we be surprised that peace eludes us? In this time in which we honor Jesus under the title of Prince of Peace and sing “Let There Be Peace on Earth,” let us pray all the more fervently for our prince to bring peace, “the peace of God that surpasses all understanding” (Phil 4:6).

“One nation, under God” has become a divided nation that believes and acts as if it does not need God, replacing Him with itself. This hubris, thinking we know better than God, in fact, dismissing Him entirely, will not end well for us. Our “lofty city” will tumble and be leveled — it is only a matter of time. Considering the blood-lust and perversion pervading the culture, do not be surprised if destruction comes sooner than you imagine.

One of the most chilling lines in Scripture quotes our Lord:

[W]hen the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?

Luke 18:8b

Seemingly every week a news item tells of declining numbers of Christian believers in various places. We know that the Church remains with us till the end of time, but the Lord may find the faithful hard to come by when He returns. Let us be in that number.

Some Cheer for the Season

How This Ukrainian Song Became a Christmas Carol You Know and Love (be sure to watch the video of my favorite secular Christmas song)

Bonus: My fave version of the song: (viewed over 180,000,000 times)

God bless.


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