“Looking around at them with anger…”

We continue with Mark (3:1-6).  Here Jesus enters a synagogue on the sabbath.  Being watched closely by the Pharisees, He miraculously cures a man there with a withered hand.  The Pharisees (with the Herodians) immediately plan Jesus’ death.  As we’ve seen, Mark does not take long to introduce the Pharisees as antagonists of Jesus.  Not far into their interaction, the Pharisees begin plotting to kill Jesus.  Is it any wonder Jesus was angry?  The Pharisees had been on Jesus case already for several episodes in this gospel.  Now Jesus wants to help a crippled man, and all the Pharisees care about is finding something against which to hold Jesus.   As true man, Jesus shared all of our human emotions.  Against the way Jesus is often portrayed (sweet, gentle), we know that Jesus can get very fired up (think of the moneychangers in the temple in Matthew 21 or the mourners at Lazarus’s tomb in John 11:33).  We should not be afraid to share in this righteous indignation when we encounter or become aware of evil and injustice.  Being tepid on the hot button moral issues of the day recalls what Jesus had to say about the Laodiceans in Revelation (3:16): “because you are lukewarm…I will spit [i.e., vomit] you out of my mouth.”  Jesus was not afraid to decry and call out hypocrisy and immorality.  Are we?

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