“A large number of people came to him”

Today, Mark (3:7-12) has Jesus and His disciples withdrawing, but large numbers of people from all over the region follow Him.  Jesus orders a boat so He would not be crushed.  The sick came to be cured, the demons acknowledge Jesus as Son of God.  Here people came from great distances in difficult circumstance to see Jesus.  Today, so few “believers” can even be bothered to attend church once a week.  Tired?  Golf?  A football game on the tube?  “I can worship God just fine at home or outdoors”?  “Mass is boring”?  Two thousand years ago, Jesus was pressed on all sides by people who wished to see Him, hear Him, be healed by Him.  Jesus is still really present, so we can do the same today anytime we want.  Why don’t we?

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