“Your faith has saved you. Go in peace and be cured of your affliction.”

Straight off of performing an exorcism, Jesus is back in the boat, crossing back over the water (Mark 5:21-43).  Quickly He is approached by a synagogue official who asks Him to visit his dying daughter to cure her.  Jesus eventually does visit, raising the girl from the dead.  But on the way, a woman with hemorrhages approaches Jesus, touches His garment, and is cured.  Jesus calls her out and delivers the two sentences above.  We are told that the woman “suffered greatly at the hands of many doctors and had spent all that she had; yet she was not helped but only grew worse.” (v. 26)  But she has great faith that Jesus can heal her.  Sometimes it takes a long trial and hitting “rock bottom” before one is open enough to God’s grace to seek true healing.  If it is a physical cure that is desired, whether or not it occurs, surrendering to the Lord’s will completely will at least effect the inner healing and acceptance required (and maybe bodily restoration as well).  For emotional or psychological healing, the same holds.  God knows when we are ready to fully embrace His love, grace, and mercy.  If He allows difficulties it is only to put us in a place where He can work on us.  Growing in faith requires exercising that faith.  And when we are fully confident that by “touching Jesus” we will be healed, have no doubt that it will occur.  Then we will know personally that Jesus is saying the words above to us as well.


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