“A prophet is not without honor except in his native place and among his own kin and in his own house.”

With the beginning of chapter six (Mark 6:1-6), we find Jesus back in the place where He grew up.  In hearing Him, and hearing of His works, the people took offense at Him, thus He could do little healing there due to their lack of faith.  They could not understand how this, to them, nondescript man, whose family they knew well, all of a sudden reveals such great wisdom and power.  We must be cautious not to fall into the same trap.  If someone we have known for a long time has a late conversion, or is otherwise drawn close to the Lord, and is outspoken about it or simply has a significant positive change of lifestyle, let us not fall into the traps of skepticism, resentment, or envy.  If it is a true conversion, reversion, or other work of the Holy Spirit, it will last; if not, it will fade away soon enough (remember Gamaliel in Acts 5:33-39).  Let us be joyous and supportive of those who come to the Lord late in the day (cf.  Mt 20:1-16), and use it as an opportunity to examine ourselves and how we too can find — and participate in — that same joy and zeal.

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